: Asia
: 676,578 km2
: Kyat
: Burmese

About Myanmar

Myanmar is a land part …. Colorful, eventful, intense and exotic… the ultimate destination for the travelers, seeking the new, the unknown and the romantic. Its customs and legends, intricate and meaningful, have endured the passage of time. The harmonious combination of beautiful and unspoiled natural landscape with a unique and diverse culture and a friendly and hospitable people continues to make Myanmar an ever increasingly attractive tourist destination for holiday makers from all over the world. The recent years have witnessed the rapid growth in the development of tourism in Myanmar and today’s infrastructure affords visitors an ever-growing choice of accommodation, cuisine and air-conditioned transport. Myanmar may well be changing but its friendliness, the underlying attraction, remains. Myanmar is now marching to the destination to build a modern nation with the new-market orientated system. It is a member of ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asia Nations) and it has much more opportunity to keep in touch to the world. Peoples are trying to follow and run after today’s rapid technology growth. All the economic sectors have been developed and Tourism is one of them. The revenue from tourism goes mainly to support the ordinary people who work in the industry. So, we are so glad to welcome heartedly all the visitors who hope to enjoy a delightful and rewarding tour. The trips to visit Myanmar can be of some help to the people economically.